Monday, August 8, 2011

The Push

The Push - A South Pole Adventure from p2sp on Vimeo.

The Push is a story about the human spirit and what it can overcome, "The Push," follows two adaptive athletes on their quest to reach the South Pole. On January 17, 2012, for the first time in history, two adaptive athletes will “push” the limits and themselves in sit skis 100 miles across the frozen Antarctic landscape to the most inhospitable place on the planet - the South Pole.

The Push team (John Davis, Grant Korgan, Tal Fletcher, and Doug Stoup) and local sponsors helping prepare the group for the 4-day journey around Lake Tahoe this week so if you are around please help cheer them on.

The group will launch the event Tuesday, August 9 at 6 a.m. from Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, 5 miles south of Tahoe City, California, and will paddle clockwise 7 miles to Carnelian Bay, California. They will land just before noon at a lakefront estate (4850 North Lake Boulevard) for a private presentation by “The Push” with hosted lunch attended by media, tourism officials, as well as key community and industry leaders.

From there, the team will paddle to Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian Bay, California for a quick stop, before continuing onto Tahoe Vista, California, completing leg one (10 miles total) at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort at 5 p.m. to be greeted by resort guests, spectators and supporters. One of the most festive days of the trip, this landing is open to the public and will include live music, along with free stand up paddleboard and kayak rentals and demonstrations. It’s also where the team will overnight. We encourage anyone interested to paddle along for the leg from Waterman's to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort in Tahoe Vista.

Day two, Wednesday, August 10, is a much more difficult leg with “The Push” team departing at 8 a.m. and paddling 16 miles along the North Shore and camping lakeside that evening on Nevada’s East Shore. The film crew will accompany them on a powerboat, open to selected media, and will follow the group to document the entire journey. Live Internet dispatches will also be made available to the media and public during this training event, as they will be at the South Pole.

The film crew, along with top photographers, will continue to follow the team Thursday, August 11, day three, with another long stretch of paddle, 12 miles, from East Shore clockwise along the lake to a campground located on Tahoe’s West Shore.

Day four, Friday, August 12 (12 miles), is the final day of the trip, and similar to the first night’s landing at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort is one of the best ways for the public to get involved and cheer on the team from the ground. Davis, Korgan and company will depart the campsite early morning and arrive at the historic Ehrman Mansion at Sugar Pine Point on the West Shore, 10 miles south of Tahoe City, at noon for a picnic lunch.

The team will close the loop on circumnavigating Lake Tahoe, ending their 50-milepaddling exercise, with an official landing taking place at Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge at approximately 6 p.m. for a small, intimate dinner open to selected media.

Agate Bay Realty has some vacation rentals available this week for this worthy cause. All the calendars are in real time.


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